Killanne Union of Parishes Covid 19 Protocols

To ensure the safety of everyone, please observe the following protocols.

1. Entering/ Leaving Church

Please observe Social distancing when entering and leaving the church. On leaving try to avoid congregating. Please use hand sanitizer before entering church. Reciprocal at entrance of church to receive offerings.

2. Seating

Some Pews will be closed as necessary to ensure 2meter distancing. People living in same household can occupy same pew with no restrictions. People from different household occupying same pew, must observe 2meter separation markings.

3. During service

a). We are requesting the wearing of face masks/face coverings during time in church. The wearing of masks would help those who feel most vulnerable, to attend a service. Listening to those among us who feel the most vulnerable is a core Christian principle. Disposable face masks are available at church if required. The wearing of face covering preferred except where government guidelines advises different ie. if person suffers from asthma.

b). At present no singing although hymns will be played during service.

c). To facilitate tracing, in the event that someone attending a service tests positive for Covid 19, please fill in forms provided on pews requesting each person to give contact details. Print name and contact number or address. These forms will be collected mid-week and kept for a period of three weeks after which they will be shredded.

Holy Communion

During service of Holy Communion bread/wafers only to be administered to those who wish. Congregation to come forward one pew at a time. Social distancing to be observed at all times. Closing prayer to follow administration of bread/wafer.
People to remain standing when receiving bread/wafer.