Welcome to Killanne Union of Parishes



    Sunday 21st July 2024, Eighth Sunday after Trinity Service

    10.30am Killanne HC

    There is one service in the union


  • Notices

    Services - there is one service in the union, at 10.30am, for July and August.


    Killanne - the Killanne cleaning schedule is now available online in the footer below.


    Parish Magazine

    Notes for the magazine should reach Margaret by the 6th of each month and photographs would also be appreciated. These can be sent to killanneunion (at) gmail.com.


    Pastoral Care

    Revd. Trevor Sargent is in charge of pastoral care during the current rector vacancy.

  • Christian Media Trust


    CHRISTIAN MEDIA TRUST PROGRAMMES on South East Radio 95.2-96.4fm 

    Sat 20th July 2024-Tues 23rd July 2024


    Simply Divine

    Sat 20th July 2024, 10.04-10.30am

    Mary Ellen Hawkey speaks with Alice O'Neill McLoughlin on her memoir 'More Precious Than Gold' : My Enduring Connection with John McShain--the Man Who Built Washington.


    Sounds For Sunday

    21st July, 09.04am -10.00am

    Presented by Patricia McNally, a selection of Hymns sacred Songs & Includes listeners requests. Text Line for requests 089-2700688


    Sunday Reflection

    21st July, 8.30pm-9pm

    Fr Billy Swan shares a reflection on the life of Blessed Carlo Acutis -The First Millennial Saint.


    Music Box

    22nd July, 8.04pm -8.30pm

    Pat Rossiter treats us to a selection of musical favourites.


    Faith Matters

    22nd July, 8.30pm-9pm

    'Living Christianity today' Presented by David Hennessy.


    Schools Corner

    23rd July, 8.04pm-8.30pm

    Margaret Rossiter speaks with retired principal Mr Billy O'Shea about his schooldays and teaching days.

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  • Special Services & Community Events

    The Killanne Union of Parishes encompasses St. Anne's Church in Killanne,

    Templeshambo, Killegney, and Rossdroit.



    Check the newsletter for weekly Service Locations and summer service times



    Killanne, St. Anne's Church - 11.30am


    Templeshambo - 10am


    Killegney - 10am


    Rossdroit - 10am

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    Reach us using the contact form below. With every blessing.

    Services for July and August 2024

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