• Welcome to Killanne

    Union of Parishes


    Sunday 25th February 2024, Second Sunday in Lent Services:


    10am Killegney, MP

    11.30am Tempeshanbo, HC



    Friday 1st March at 7p.m, Even Song, Killanne 



  • Notices

    Evening Prayer

    From January Canon Trevor intends to hold an Even Song service on the first Friday of every month, instead of the Saturday meet and greet. The next service will take place Friday 1st March at 7p.m.


    Select Vestry

    A Select Vestry Meeting will take place in Killanne Hall on Tuesday 27th February at 8.00 p.m. The end of year accounts will be presented and the parish registers will be updated. Please contact Margaret (at killanneunion (at) gmail.com) if you know anyone who wishes to have their name added. The meeting will be chaired by Revd. Canon Trevor Sargent


    Parish Magazine

    Notes for the magazine should reach Margaret by the 6th of each month and photographs would also be appreciated. These can be sent to killanneunion (at) gmail.com.


    Pastoral Care

    Revd. Trevor Sargent is in charge of pastoral care during the current rector vacancy.

  •  CHRISTIAN MEDIA TRUST PROGRAMMES on South East Radio 95.2-96.4fm


     Sat 24th Feb 2024-Tues 27th Feb 2024


    Simply Divine

    Sat 24th Feb 2024 10.04 -10.30am

    Maria Colfer talks to David Quinn, a social commentator on the upcoming referendums.


    Sounds for Sunday

    25th Feb 09.04-10am

    Presented by Patricia McNally, a Selection of hymns and music includes listeners requests.

    **Text line for requests 089-2700688


    Sunday Mass

    25th Feb, 10am - Church of The Immaculate Conception, Rowe Street, Wexford


    Sunday Reflection

    25th Feb, 8.30pm-9pm

    Presented by Teach Bhride students living in the community in Clonard Parish,who share a reflection for 2nd Sunday lent.




    Listen back to programmes at



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    Music Box

    26th Feb, 8.04pm -8.30pm

    Jim Roberts shares a selection of musical favourites


    Faith Matters

    26th Feb, 8.30pm-9pm

    David Hennessy speaks with Capuchin Franciscan,author and National Director of the Padre Pio Apostolate - Fr Bryan Shortall, on his vocation and healing ministry.


    St. Brigid: Her Definitive Story

    27th Feb, 8.04pm -8.30pm

    Betty Breen speaks to lecturer and author Dr Tom Madden on the enormous legacy of St Brigid's educational and spiritual work and unveils a clearer picture of who St.Brigid really was.

  • Special Services & Community Events

    The Killanne Union of Parishes encompasses St. Anne's Church in Killanne,

    Templeshambo, Killegney, and Rossdroit.



    Check the newsletter for weekly Service Locations



    Killanne, St. Anne's Church - 11.30am


    Templeshambo - 10am


    Killegney - 10am


    Rossdroit - 10am

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